Covid – 19


Fiesta Beach Resort takes the highest possible measures to ensure the safety of all of our guests in a world of the new ‘normal’ after the Covid – 19 pandemic where the importance of safe traveling and a safe holiday is a priority to all. We would like to make it known to all of our guests that strict guidelines and regulations have been put in place to manage the risk of infection and guests can stay with confidence knowing that all possible precautions have been implemented. Sanitization measures, products used, hygiene protocols are but a few methods we are using to combat the fight against Covid – 19.

Our team is trained to provide the outmost care through social distancing and privacy yet ensuring that the usual excellent customer service prevails. We strive to provide our guests with a safe environment both in private and public spaces throughout the hotel.

How are we ensuring your safety?

  • All Guests and staff members are screened upon entry the property.
  • It has been made compulsory for all staff to wear masks
  • Staff and guests are requested to practice social distancing
  • Sanitizing stations have been placed throughout the resort
  • Housekeeping staff use masks and cloves when entering hotel rooms.
  • High grade chemicals are used to thoroughly disinfect rooms as well as linen.
  • Our previous buffet breakfast has now been changed to an Ala – carte menu.

Cancellation policy for Covid – 19:

For the moment, the government has allowed the hospitality industry to resume. Our normal cancellation policy will resume during this time. However, if the ban is reinstated at a later stage, we will be forced to cancel upcoming reservations. If such a case has to occur, we will inform all upcoming reservations.