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Journey to Sucess, My story

In the last 20 years I have gradually gained the reputation of having learnt my Culinary skills in specialty food restaurant. I own and run my restaurant Fiesta since 1995 till date.

Every year I have reinvented the deco and the menu of Fiesta to making my food interesting to a wide clientele base and of course keeping up with current trends.

I started Fiesta in 1995. Fiesta soon got very famous amongst the foreign tourists and the “Who’s Who” of the affluent Indians. Fiesta has been Featured in all the food guides and travel publications around the world.

I have served Italian, Mediterranean, European, and finally Japanese and Thai cuisine at Fiesta.

Apart from loving food, I love Latin American dance, and dance those on a professional level. I also love Horse riding and water sports. The languages I speak are English, German and Hindi

I have won the following Awards: Fine Dining Award 2010 Times Food Award 2011 Times Food Award 2012 Times Food Award 2013 Times food Award 2014 Times Food Award 2015 Business Woman Award Goa 2013

I have been nominated for my restaurant Fiesta in 2012 by the CHAIN DES ROTISSEURS (The oldest Gastronomic organization in the world based in Paris) I have hosted there dinner on 22nd January 2014 at fiesta

My Style
This is Me Yellow !

Since I come from a designer family, and both my parents were fashion designers, the love for dressing up tastefully and stylish was always of great importance to me.

At the age of 4, I attended my first fashion show and walked the ramp in a very special dress my mother designed for me, holding balloons in my hands.

From then onwards I was constantly surrounded by models, fabrics, colors, embroidery and beauty.

Even today in my restaurant my table cloths, cushions, serviettes and curtains are all made by dress material and not interior design material.

I today see myself as a feminine, elegant woman and therefore love dresses that reveal the figure in a tasteful way, I like makeup that highlights eyes and lips, and shoes that enhance the posture. Colors that are striking and accessories that are at times over the top ... But yet keeping it en vogue !

Still, I feel that my half Indian, half European roots reflect in my way of dressing up.

For shoes, bags and dresses (mostly), I usually pick european, since french and Italian designs are unrivalled in this department. But for shawls, jewelry and other accessories I would always go for Indian creations.

Oh, and I am very fortunate to have a little sister who is even more style conscious then me, and who lives in Paris , writing for various fashion publications on this topic.

My favorite make-up products this season, the beautifully shimmering Addict Gloss by Dior in 981. It is a stunning, dark rosewood shade, and really my favorite gloss for this season. The color is just so elegant and grown up!

Additionally, I adore the eye shadow palette "Vanites" by Chanel, with its purple shades that I love to match with the Mac extra dimension eye shadow in light pink for a more playfull look. And the eye shadow palette from Estee Lauder "Cap Bronzee" with its warm, glam and earthy colors is probably best suited for green and hazel eyes like mine. Consisting of one matte translucent brown tone and on rich gold shimmering, it makes for rather glamorous smokey eyes in antique gold.

My favorite Mascara is the High impact curling mascara by Clinique. The best about it is that it washes off with warm water and comes off in peaces instead of smudging all over your eyes. The brush is already curly in itself, the texture is smooth and even, and gives a nice curl to the upper and lower lashes, since the brush reaches even the tiny ones.

The "Muppet Collection" polish by OPI are super luxurious, strong colors and shimmer all mixed together. The result on fingernails is rather kaleidoscopic, and definitely a show stopper. Texture and pigmentation is great as usual with OPI and wear for me is about a week.

My favorite scent is "Poison" by Dior. Actually, I like all of them. An explosion of sensuality. They smell utterly sensual, warm, earthy, exotic, sexy... I could go on!

Oh, and I love Blush. My two favorite shades are "68 Rose Ecrin" and "82 reflex", both by Chanel. It gives me a fresh and happy look, and I never leave the house with out!

I think none of us really need a ton of make-up during the day. But great skin care and products are paramount.

So at night I use Carita liquid make up for sensitive and allergie prone skin, and of course I love liner, lipstick, smokey eyes and the rest for the evenings.

What I think looks much more flattering and natural in bright daylight, is a simple tinted moisturizer. I use Laura Mercier "Fawn", a bit of Chanel blush, lots of Mascara (Clinique), and a nice shade of gloss.

So during the day my make up will be light, but my style will still be glam. And I can¹t think of any better way of glamming up a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, than with some truly fab accessories!

So, my look for the season: An Hervé Leger dress, teamed with a good pair of heals (I love Jimmy Choo), my Chanel bag, open but well groomed hair, a subtle but feminine make up, I am ready! But as I said above, a fit body, great hair and skin to me are what beauty is made of.

I apply face masks once weekly, cleanse the skin thoroughly, oil my hair with rose oil on a regular basis to keep it gleaming, and, here's my secret: I use the best cream in the world: the amazing La Biostetique Night Cream!!!

That’s Me Yellow!

Chaïne des Rôtisseurs Award 2012

Fiesta – The Restaurant was chosen by international gastronomic society La Chaïne des Rôtisseurs dedicated to fine dining and gastronomic values to host a five-course gourmet dinner.

Times Food Award 2011 to 2016

From inspired cuisine to refreshing cocktails presented simply and elegantly, Fiesta is one of the best restaurants in Goa. Enjoy beautifully crafted, traditional European cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine in an elegant setting. where you'll also discover a tempting display of local catch and fresh lobster. The restaurant was first awarded The Times Food Award for excellence in the hospitality and Food industry and has achieved this distinguished recognition annually since 2011 -2016 till date.

Travel Plus

We received India Today Travel Plus Toplist Survey 2009-2010 Winner Award.

Trip Advisor

A venture which came to life in 1994 with just a few restaurants back then Fiesta has blossomed into a distinguished and renowned fine dinning experience. The Restaurant offers an engaging ambiance and lively environment, which is further complemented by friendly, attentive and knowledgeable service. The restaurant was first awarded Trip Advisor for excellence in the hospitality and Food industry and has achieved this distinguished recognition annually since 2010 -2016 till date.

The Business Woman Award

I was awarded the Business Woman Award in 2013

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